My Walker, My Hero

My walker and I are cruising on Scenic, hoping to get a glimpse of Brooklyn or Rosie- but no luck… we reached the circle when all of a sudden this crazy pooch comes running at me. I hold my cool ready to smooch her when my walker hunches down puts her hand forward and stopping this pooch a foot away.

Her human comes out of the house and called her- my walker tells her to go on … she doubles back and starts to leave and midway to her home she charges for my hind chops…

That crazy mongrel never got a chance! My walker grabs me hauls me up by my harness on her shoulder!

I could not breathe, I was shocked, afraid…

My walker knew what that bitch was going to do!

Her human picks her up and apologized…

My walker tells her:

“It’s okay, I knew Bella would do that- she bit Zach last year…”

That bitch’s human said:

“I don’t remember!”

Don’t remember! I still feel it on my hind where she placed her teeth!

My walker, she’s so cool… she tells her:

“ don’t worry I do! Therefore I was ready!”

The reason I did not bite her back is that I respect my elders, this pooch is 14 years old and mean! And her human keeps her off the leash…..


Going shopping for everything off the shelf

I see every one in a frenzy due to this virus. Hand sanitizers are no where to be found, they gave out a formula for alcohol and aloe Vera and now there’s a shortage of it too.

Today they were saying vitamin C… that will be missing off the shelf’s too!

In 1918 with the flu pandemic they used fresh air and sunshine… no shortage of that!!!

No one visits, my walks are solitary lately, they are afraid every one is going to get infected.

Maybe if they think I gave it to them they will call it caninevirus or Zachievirus… maybe I’ll infect a few, just by biting them, then I get the ladies all to myself.

No matter Dog Rule and humans drool!



On my way to a Lala trip last night…

(My dog walker is a walking encyclopedia of weired words)

Maddie was out and about for her evening walk and of course she loves and stopped by my abode.

It was a circus out there…

Maddie, her human mama, my human, my granhuman (she doesn’t like me, she calls me “ little shit”!) and my walker, we were taking her home, hence my Lala trip…

Maddie was a little skittish she loves my walker more than me!!!

How can that be! I lost my cool an growled …that did it! Maddie would not have nothing to do with me!

I dreamed about her last night… the beautiful encounter, the licks, her aroma, and her beautiful smile as she glides close to me. ( yes! Dogs glide too!)

She always waves when I pass by

She gives me urges, my family says it’s not possible, ha! What do they know! I know!

She’s so soft and cuddly, her hair blows in the wind in slow motion just like the braided lady in “10” you remember… just the body is Maddie and her beautiful face.

I usually walk on Tall Tulip to get a glimpse of her… she’s by her door glancing out and barking hello to me and my walker.

Those dove eyes… I just want to jump on her bones!

She’s a lady… can’t shock her… she my Havapoo!



Bane of my life, walking around my territory and my ladies like a turtle with it’s head popping in and out… shaking that head of his like he’s ringing the bells of St. Mary’ s on a Sunday afternoon!

Every step he takes making gurgling sounds.. yucks, yugck guug it’s like he’s swallowing a shark!

The ladies love him!

When he’s in my way I’m going to scare his innards out of him!

I’m going to mark him off the earth!

Imagine making me second to him in his presence!

I’m going to pound him to the ground! Big doofus!

Thinking of Frazier’s Beyong chop!


My walker talks about this Wheaton terrier she visits and loves…

She loves another more than me!!??


From the description she’s very tall for a pint like moì. When she showed me her photo, she’s more like a torret in a castle tower!

Maybe a castle I like to breach!

I’m sure we can get along…


She sleeps just like me!

Me! Zach!

Face up and privates all exposed no dignity, no humility!

She’s my kind of Doll!

Would I like to chew her ear and some…


Zoe’s home

My Walker had to go and walk a pooch named Zoe, Her human father was not well and need to be waked because they were not home.

I walked to her door and waited while my walker got her all leashed up…

Oh boy I’m in heaven! She’s adorable!

So gentle and quite, then she glides over licks you and patiently always a response.

Our first Kiss

She was so excited at my company she even walked all the way to the top and stayed with me the afternoon.

Her coyness is charming acting older than she actuality is – it’s a pretense for what purpose I don’t know, but she loves to frolic…

By the next day when we repeated this all over again our frolicking got more adventuresome.

I hope I get spend some more time with My Darling Zoe for we’ve had some memorable moments!


Joy in her glory

Mini Dotson, bane of my life never leaves me alone! I can’t seem to have her stay still, she’s still a pup to my years and runs me ragged when she visits, it’s exhausting! But I love it, she sneaks right beside me a nibbles at my ear then she gets right behind and licks and sniffs my derrière.

Food that I toy around, she just eats! Yeah! Now I don’t have to!

We do have adventures by walking on Round Top or visiting Madison on Tall tulip! There’s a new gel in town Brooklyn… now that’s good for licking!